A History of Commitment

Back in the summer of 1964, Happy Cothren, a retired US Postal Service employee, had a vision to make moving goods easier for businesses with a focus on the customer. With one truck in his fleet, Acme Delivery Services Inc. was born.

About five years later, Happy sold his growing company to James E. Halbkat, more commonly known as “Tuck.” With Tuck’s Yale graduation behind him, he expanded ACME and created a framework for the organization.

When the company was purchased in the 80’s by current owner, Steve Coogler, the company was ready to enter a new phase of growth. Since then, ACME has grown along with our company and services. We now operate in Lexington and Charleston, SC with headquarters in Greenville, SC. As it was with Happy all those years ago, we maintain an unwavering commitment to our customers.

In a Highly Commoditized & Regulated Market

We Don’t Forget the Human Element

Despite growing our fleet over the last 50 years and expanding on our services, there’s one thing we’ve never forgotten: you.

At the end of every delivery is a person trying to run a successful business. Our drivers know by name each client they deliver to and which child is in which sport and how their season is going.

The relationships we forge with our clients allows us to devise new services and create new, innovative ways to fulfill your supply chain needs.


Simplifying the Supply Chain

Figuring out how to move your goods shouldn’t be difficult. With a little bit of dialogue and transparency, we can help you analyze your operation and offer a customized solution to improve productivity, on-time deliveries, and more.