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High Security Warehousing Services for Your Growing Company

self storage with many cardboard boxes inside

Of the concerns that business owners and managers must deal with most, security and storage are among the greatest. Of course, security requires surveillance equipment and services that are dedicated to keeping your valued goods safe. When it comes to storage, though, solutions can be complex for any of us. What are we supposed to do with boxes of hard copy files, vital pieces of equipment that do not fit into our current place of operations, or other storage needs? What do we do with private and confidential materials? Rather than having to invest in adding warehouse structures to your property or moving to a new place of business–purchasing new property that is large enough for your storage needs–we at Acme Logistics instead recommend that you consider the services of high security warehousing. Continue reading

Why On-Time Delivery Is So Important

delivery service design, vector illustration eps10 graphic

delivery service design, vector illustration eps10 graphic

No matter what type of business you operate, delivering packages, letters, and documents on time is essential. That is why we recommend that you consider hiring a professional courier service in Greenville, SC, to handle your deliveries. Courier service is different from regular delivery or mailing services because couriers go from pickup to destination immediately, rather than routing to accomplish several tasks or making multiple deliveries for multiple businesses and clients in one long trip. It is a here-to-there delivery system that ensures timely delivery and lives up to its promise. Continue reading

Let Professionals at Acme Logistics Handle Your Freight

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If you need local or long-distance freight services in Greenville, SC, you want a company that will take care of the process from start to finish. No matter how short or long the journey, your freight must be in professional hands the entire way. United States residents ship nearly 20 million tons of freight per year, and without proper care, the potential for time and financial loss is enormous. Fortunately, with our comprehensive services, we can guarantee that your packages will arrive both quickly and safely. Continue reading

3 Steps to Working with a Local Courier You Trust

As a busy business owner, you probably have many errands to run and a million different documents and items to take around town. These tasks may seem small but you still might have a hard time finding the time to get them done during your workday, which is a good reason to work with a local courier. The questions to ask yourself then become how you know what you are looking for, and how to know you have found a reliable courier. Here are 3 ways to tell. Continue reading

What to Do When You Need On-Time Courier Services

What to Do When You Need On-Time Courier Services_image1There are some times when deliveries are more important than others. When a package is extremely fragile or there is a tight deadline for its arrival, there is no way you can rely on the post office! Far too often, the post office can’t get packages to the right address inside of a month! If you want to make sure your important package gets into the right hands at the right time, be sure to call an on-time courier service in Greenville. Continue reading

How Long Does Freight Shipping Take?



When customers approach us with a freight shipping need, the first question they usually ask is how long it will take their package to arrive at its destination. We know that even if you have no need for a rushed delivery, you simply feel better when your item gets where it is going quickly. And when the delivery is truly urgent, you expect a lightning-fast shipment. To help you plan for any situation, we will discuss the time ranges typical of various types of cargo movement for residents in the Greenville, SC, area. Continue reading

How Does Freight Shipping Work?

Freight Shipping

Freight Shipping

Are you moving across the country and don’t want to drive a truck loaded with all of your possessions? Do you have a business with products that you would like to send around the world to your customers? When shipping things to any destination, you have a lot of shipping options. You can use freight services in Greenville, SC, to help you get to your destination. Here are some ways these services can help you: Continue reading

What Does Freight Shipping Mean?

Shipping (cargo transportation)

Shipping (cargo transportation)

When you need to mail a small document or letter, the process is simple: you place your paper in an envelope, stamp it, and send it through your local post office. Mailing a small package works in much the same way. You hand it over to a shipping company and are done with it. However, freight is necessary for larger, more numerous shipments. Because of their weight, number, or size, these items cannot be sent through regular parcel shipping or your post office. Continue reading

What Is a Courier Service?

Package. Handle with Care

Package. Handle with Care

Although most people are familiar with several different modes of contracted parcel delivery, many are unaware of the availability of courier service. In fact, many individuals do not even know exactly what a courier does. But after experiencing a temporary dip in their demand last decade, couriers are gaining popularity. We’d like to explain the role these important professionals play and illustrate the times they can be most useful.

A courier is an agent entrusted with delivering an item directly to the recipient, often by a specified time. As the word comes from an ancient term meaning “to run,” a courier is generally expected to make a speedy delivery of an article that is urgently needed. Although the term might conjure up images of medieval runners racing messages to the King, the modern methods are much faster and more convenient. Contemporary courier services in Greenville, SC, like us at Acme Logistics have modern technology at our disposal, so you can expect some great advantages. Continue reading

Here’s How to Ship Freight

commercial cargo ship carrying containers

commercial cargo ship carrying containers

Shipping a package is easier than ever. There are tons of options to get your package from point A to point B. From the smallest envelope to the largest shipping container, there’s a way to get it where it needs to be. However, the larger the shipment gets, the trickier it can be to send it. You don’t need to be a huge retailer or industrial corporation in order to take advantage of sending your items on a freight shipment. This is a shipping option available to anyone who has a shipment large enough. Continue reading

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