If you need local or long-distance freight services in Greenville, SC, you want a company that will take care of the process from start to finish. No matter how short or long the journey, your freight must be in professional hands the entire way. United States residents ship nearly 20 million tons of freight per year, and without proper care, the potential for time and financial loss is enormous. Fortunately, with our comprehensive services, we can guarantee that your packages will arrive both quickly and safely.

Courier Service

If you need an important package or a piece of paperwork delivered immediately, you cannot afford to risk it being lost or late. Our white-glove service comes with the promise that we will respect your deadlines. We can carry items from business to business, from you to the post office, or from you to the bank.

Expedited Freight Shipping

We know there are situations in which you have to ship longer distances, and you simply do not have any time to spare. To accommodate you, we are available on weekends and holidays. We also use 2 drivers, working in shifts, to ensure that we do not need to make overnight stops. To further avoid inconvenience to you, we have made special agreements with the Inland Port at Greer, allowing us to help with your intermodal services.


Sometimes our customers need a place to store their belongings prior to shipment. We offer a safe site, equipped with surveillance and alarms, where you can keep your freight until it needs to go. Whether you need temporary or long-term storage, we can help.

Document Storage

The items you need to store may not be typical freight. You may need a place to store records, but you might be concerned that you will have difficulty locating the proper files once they are in storage. A Commercial Records Center (CRT) solves this dilemma. A CRT provides indexing and retrieval, relieving you of the worry. Like all of our services, it is designed to provide you the utmost peace of mind.