When customers approach us with a freight shipping need, the first question they usually ask is how long it will take their package to arrive at its destination. We know that even if you have no need for a rushed delivery, you simply feel better when your item gets where it is going quickly. And when the delivery is truly urgent, you expect a lightning-fast shipment. To help you plan for any situation, we will discuss the time ranges typical of various types of cargo movement for residents in the Greenville, SC, area.

Courier Service

When you are sending or receiving time-sensitive materials, every minute can feel like an eternity. Courier service ensures immediate delivery. In addition, it guarantees particularly delicate handling, so your fragile items will be treated with the utmost care. Our service includes carrying customers’ cargo up stairs or around tight corners, which saves time of maneuvering heavy or awkward cargo in tricky spaces. We even clean up the packaging materials after delivery. Since we are available 7 days a week, we can guarantee same-day delivery any time it becomes necessary.

Expedited Freight

When you need a rushed shipment for a load of any size, expedited delivery will get it there on time. Expedited service ensures immediate pickup, followed by direct delivery. We have multiple drivers working in shifts, so freight never spends the night sitting on the road. Again, for cargo going local, we can get it there on the same day.

Regular Freight

Even normal freight shipping should always be speedy. For couriers that provide service to both local and long-distance areas, transit times depend on the desired service and how far the cargo needs to go. For example, a long haul may take multiple days, while a local delivery will make it to its destination sooner. Either way, our courier service provides the soonest arrival possible.