Although most people are familiar with several different modes of contracted parcel delivery, many are unaware of the availability of courier service. In fact, many individuals do not even know exactly what a courier does. But after experiencing a temporary dip in their demand last decade, couriers are gaining popularity. We’d like to explain the role these important professionals play and illustrate the times they can be most useful.

A courier is an agent entrusted with delivering an item directly to the recipient, often by a specified time. As the word comes from an ancient term meaning “to run,” a courier is generally expected to make a speedy delivery of an article that is urgently needed. Although the term might conjure up images of medieval runners racing messages to the King, the modern methods are much faster and more convenient. Contemporary courier services in Greenville, SC, like us at Acme Logistics have modern technology at our disposal, so you can expect some great advantages.


Modern courier services can guarantee that they will pick up and convey time-sensitive documents or packages by a specific deadline. This resource is immensely valuable in the business world, where time is quite literally money, and where money often must change hands quickly. It is also important in the private sector, where well-meaning but busy people forget to send holiday gifts until the last minute. A courier can prevent you from facing a disgruntled client or family member.


The first known couriers could hardly be expected to move much more than a scroll of parchment. Fortunately, since coming into existence in 2,400 B.C., couriers have gained access to much better methods than horseback. Today, they can be entrusted to move entire truckloads of items. Whether you are sending the contents of an envelope or of a van, a modern courier can transport it quickly and safely.

White-Glove Treatment

Technology has also made transporting delicate valuables much easier. While still expecting speed, you can be assured that your fragile items will arrive in the same condition in which they left. A courier service lets you have it all.