Shipping a package is easier than ever. There are tons of options to get your package from point A to point B. From the smallest envelope to the largest shipping container, there’s a way to get it where it needs to be. However, the larger the shipment gets, the trickier it can be to send it. You don’t need to be a huge retailer or industrial corporation in order to take advantage of sending your items on a freight shipment. This is a shipping option available to anyone who has a shipment large enough.

What Is Freight?

When a shipping company refers to ‘freight’, they are talking about a particular shipping method, since large heavy packages require a different shipping method from other packages. Small packages are easy to transport across the globe, but oversized crates tend to be a bit trickier. Anything heavy, oversized, or otherwise nonstandard can be shipped as freight. When making a domestic shipment, a freight package could be sent either by train or by truck. An international shipment is sent via ocean liner, rather than by air.

Who Ships Freight?

Every major shipping company offers¬†freight shipping¬†services. If you only have one freight package to ship, you’ll get the best experience if you use a widely known shipping service. However, if you’re going to be sending or receiving a lot of freight shipments, you’ll find that you’ll save time and money if you work with a specialized shipping company based on what you’ll be shipping. For instance, grocery pallets need to be sent differently from construction equipment, so it’s important that you find a freight shipping service in Greenville, SC, that fits your needs.

Are There Restrictions?

Anything can be sent freight as long as it meets the shipping company’s requirements. Typically, restrictions only apply to the size and shape of the crate, box, barrel, or container that is being shipped. A freight shipment usually has weight and size minimums. A shipment’s destination can also determine whether a shipment can be done as freight. When getting something ready for freight shipment, be sure to check that your package conforms to the shipping company’s regulations.