Some items require a certain amount of care when it comes to moving or transporting them. Not all goods are created equal, and we know that when extra attention is required, our white glove service will not disappoint. Never heard of white glove delivery services? Here is a bit of explanation to show you why this service is the best option for your shipment needs, especially when you are in need of freight services in Greenville, SC.

When you hear the term “white glove,” do you think of someone inspecting a space with a white glove on, checking to see how much dust is left behind? This perfectionist mindset is how we would like to describe the way in which we do business with our customers. By offering a white glove service, we hope to show our customers that we care about getting their freight to the right place with care and respect.

Whether it be a large package that is difficult to move, a fragile item that requires a smooth transition, or a sensitive delivery that simply needs a little extra attention, a white glove service is the way to go. We know that whatever you are sending, it is important to you and should be treated in a respectful manner.

Our drivers are trained to have a “white glove” attitude, meaning they work efficiently and are dedicated to serving every customer equally. They are knowledgeable about how to approach every situation when it comes to freight services, and you can rest assured that your packages will be treated as if you were personally overseeing the entire process.

Receiving white glove treatment does not mean you have to spend a fortune. We offer our customer-centered service at a competitive price, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your freight is in the right hands and will make it to the right destination on time and in perfect shape. Simply stated, our white glove delivery service will get the job done with less worry and more care.